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Take Your Leadership To The Next Level

Imagine being part of an event that transcends simply talking about the latest industry trends – but rather is crafted around collaboration and creating a space where we as women all rise together. EmpowHER is essential in this space and is all about truly honing our leadership skills, or as we prefer to call it, leadHERship skills. We're tackling confidence, silencing that negative inner critic, and gearing up to empower not just ourselves, but the women around us too. Hear from motivational speakers and participate in workshops alongside the best of the best.

Pack your courage, your curiosity, and your dancing shoes – because we promise, every moment will be worth it!

  • text saying are you ready to...

  • Cultivate a strong sense of self-confidence?
  • Fuel personal and professional growth?
  • Break through barriers?
  • Pursue opportunities considered out of reach?
  • Influence positive change?
  • Foster, support, and uplift your teams?

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