Leslie Mathis is EmpowHER's conference host and the proud owner of Streamline Multifamily Group, a consulting firm that specializes in providing clients with strategic business practices with regards to new construction management, renovation, and operational needs within the apartment industry.

With an impressive multifamily career that spans over 22 years, Leslie has garnered extensive experience. Her proficiency in multifamily operations and management has positioned her as a sought-after professional in the industry. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results for her clients, consistently surpassing expectations.

Leslie Mathis is also a passionate advocate for women in leadership, leveraging her expertise to help them excel. She actively champions their professional growth and success, ensuring they have the necessary tools, support, and opportunities to thrive. Leslie's deep commitment to advancing women's leadership makes her a trusted mentor and role model in the industry, inspiring others to reach their full potential.


Meet the driving force behind EmpowHER: Leslie Mathis and her dynamic team at Streamline Multifamily Group. Recognizing the need for a conference to empower women in the multifamily industry, Leslie embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. With passion and dedication, Leslie and her team crafted EmpowHER—a vibrant movement designed to uplift and inspire women leaders. 

Through curated speakers, engaging panel discussions, and a supportive community, EmpowHER ignites change and fosters growth. Join Leslie and her team as they continue to empower women and shape the future of the multifamily industry, one empowered woman at a time. Learn more about Streamline Multifamily Group here.

Empowher Team